[SRA Updates] MOM Advisory on Vaccination Requirements for Work Permit Holders

April 19, 2023

Since 1 Feb 2022, all new pass holders (including those on transfers) are required to be fully vaccinated. Over the next few months, MOM will be tightening checks on the compliance with COVID-19 vaccination requirements, starting with WPHs.

From 27 Apr 2023, WPHs are required to be fully vaccinated for their passes to be issued. Upon arrival in Singapore, WPHs are required to verify update their overseas vaccination records in MOH’s National Immunisation Registry (NIR) during their pre-medical examination or a separate visit to a local clinic. Employers will be able to issue their WPHs’ work permit when the vaccination records are updated in NIR, typically within two days after the clinic visit.

  • If more time is needed for the WPHs’ vaccination records to be accepted in the NIR:
  • (For non-Malaysian workers) Employers can log in to WP Online (WPOL) to extend the WPHs’ in-principle approval (IPA) and legal stay in Singapore.
  • (For Malaysian workers) Their IPA will be automatically extended for up to 60 days. The extension details will be emailed to the employer.

 Ahead of the implementation on 27 Apr 2023, MOM will be sending an advisory to employers via the email addresses registered in their systems. For employers with Work Permit Holders who are in Singapore but not fully vaccinated, MOM will separately follow up with the employers.

Kindly refer to the MOM advisory here on vaccination requirements for work permit issuance.