Q: What benefits do members have?

  • Have a platform where your opinions and views of the industry are represented
  • Share with and learn from fellow industry players about business opportunities, industry trends, ways to manage key issues, etc.
  • Gain insights about the latest government schemes, initiatives, grants and supports
  • Enjoy preferential rates for programmes, overseas study trips, workshops and activities
  • Be informed and kept updated of the latest happenings in the F&B industry
  • Be eligible to partake in certain members-only programmes and platforms
  • have a platform where you can help play a fundamental role to drive Singapore’s retail scene towards the next level of innovation, service excellence and profitability
  • gain priority access to grants , schemes and study missions to enhance your organisation’s core capabilities for business success and growth
  • expand your network with industry leaders and players locally and regionally for strategic collaborations
  • enjoy exclusive (and even complimentary!) invites to conferences, industry seminars, workshops and clinics and learn best practices and equip your company and employees with new knowledge and core skills to strengthen your business operations
  • be connected to useful resources and services to transform and grow your business further

Q: Who can apply for SRA Membership?

A: Local and overseas Companies, institutions and trade associations who are in the Retail Industry or associated industries are welcome to join us as members. Apply here or email us at info@sra.org.sg

Q: We are a group company with various subsidiaries. Can the various subsidiaries enjoy the same membership benefits where only the holding company pays the subscription?

A: As each subsidiary is registered as an individual company, i.e. having different ROC number as registered with ACRA, each subsidiary will be considered as a separate entity. As such , only the holding company registered with SRA will be eligible for members benefits.

Q: What are the membership fees?

A: SRA offers three (3) types of membership. Click here to find out more.

Q: How long does it take for my application to be processed?

A: About 2-4 weeks from the date of application received by SRA

Q: How do I make payment for membership fees?

A: Preferred payment options are PayNow and bank Transfer. Please click here for details of payment options

Q: How will I be notifed when my Annual Membership Subscription Fee is due, and are there penalties for late payment?

A: Your annual membership subscription fee is payable to SRA yearly in advance at least 2(two) months ahead of the anniversary date of your membership.

A monthly interest will be charged at 2% above the bank’s prime rate per annum on overdue accounts. Arrears of annual subscription fee and interest on late payment may be recoverable by legal action if required.

Q: How do I terminate my membership?

A: A written notice is required. Please email to info@sra.org.sg to formally terminate your membership

Q: Will I get a refund of the unused portion of the membership fee paid if I terminate my membership before it expires?

A: No. There will be no refund of any fees or part thereof already paid to the Association upon the early termination of a current and/or an extension to the membership term

Q: How do I update my company’s details?

A: Members may log on to the Members’ E-portal and self-update. Alternatively, you may email to info@sra.org.sg on the changes to be made.

Q: How do I contact the SRA Secretariat on my membership enquiries?

A: For membership enquiries, you may call our main line at 6360 0188 or email info@sra.org.sg

Q: Can I use SRA logo on my company’s collaterals upon completing my membership application?

A: Yes. You may use the SRA logo by adhering to the guidelines here.