Public Run Dates: 22 Jun, 22 Aug, 17 Oct, 5 Dec 2023

Time: 9am to 6pm

Venue: SRA training room located at 1 Coleman Street #05-17 the Adelphi Singapore 179803

Cost:  $150 per pax (excluding GST)


Passion                 Get your talents aligned with your Organisation’s service passion!

Adaptive              Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Care                       Understand your customer’s purchase journey and engage them with effective communication skills

Enthusiasm        Closing the last mile with enthusiasm and delivering the best value to customers

  • An energising 1-day programme to engage your service staff!
  • Programme content specially curated for retail personnel from different perspectives – operational, supervisory and managerial
  • Crafted for organisations with a diverse workforce working towards inspiring sales staff to scale new heights


Leslie Lim stands at the forefront of the fastest moving adult education industry. He spent the past 12 years transforming behaviours and mindset of his participants, providing them with a set of attributes to enhance and excel in their undertakings.

Being an assiduous adult educator, Leslie has championed the significance of continuous learning to his consumer customers, both corporate and public.

Leslie has diversified exposure in the retail industry, having participated in business development and store operations.

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Please feel free to contact Ms Elise Lee at M: 9768 6981 | E: or Ms Michele Ng at M: 9186 7938 | E: should you have any questions.

Style-Shoot-Sell Workshop

We all know the saying, an image speaks a thousand words.

More so for retailers when the first impression counts for every product image put out there.

While you would prefer unlimited resources to hire professionals to style and shoot your products and services, you know that’s unrealistic.

And the times when you want simple and quick shots for social media like IG, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest, but are unsure if you are doing it to the best of your ability?

Is it going to turn out like another cheesy image like your competitors’?

Or simply don’t know what is wrong with it?

What if you can learn tips and tricks on DIY styling, shooting and editing, USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE?

Create photos that sell for you, with minimal skills or no photo studio!

If you sell online, this workshop is for you where you turn normal products into great-looking ones even if you don’t know how to style or don’t have professional gears.

This workshop aims to provide a hand-on experience on basic styling and photography with a smartphone on products/items for marketing of merchandise/service selling and content creation. This is a blended course consisting of eLearning and online workshop.

Upcoming intake: Contact Michele at to find out the next intake dates.

Post-Workshop Feedback
● For attendees who are unable to attend the Follow-Up Tutorial, they may submit 2 images via email or e-Learning platform for feedback
● Submission within 1 week after workshop

Workshop Fees

Complimentary for our GRT employers and Students from GRT-approved IHLs!*
Non-SRA member: $129 per pax (excluding 7% GST)
*Only applicable for GRT employer companies/students who have not attended any Complimentary training workshops offered by SRA in 2021/2022. Limited to 2 participants per GRT employer company. Priority will be given to SRA members.

To ensure the best learning experience for our participants in this personalised virtual workshop, each intake is capped at 14 participants.

Complete the Style-Shoot-Sell Workshop registration form to secure your spot!

Learning Outcomes

The workshop strives to equip participants with skills and knowledge to:

  1. Understand importance and benefits of digital visual merchandising that impacts purchase decisions
  2. Apply components of styling for product/service presentation and content creation
  3. Be equipped with essential photographic skills with the use of smartphones
  4. Prepare edited images for uploading to social media

Topics to be covered
a. The Styling Formats
b. Creative Use of Props
c. Visual Storytelling
d. Visa Content Creation
e. Creative Use of Resources
f. Smartphone for Photography
g. Basic Framing and Composition
h. Ambient Lighting
i. Editing Images
j. Readiness to Share on Social Media

Training Methodology
a. Lecture
b. Demonstration
c. Group discussions/activities
d. Hands-on practice session
e. eLearning

Pick up hacks from not one, but 2 practitioners with more than a decade each, in their respective retail, and photography industries.

They will be openly sharing applicable skills and low budget methods you can grab, where you even  repurpose the images for your various marketing collaterals.

Skills tried and tested, using even commonly found items at home or office!

Our participants gained practical tips on digital visual merchandising and using the smartphone to create high quality photographs in the earlier virtual workshop held on 3 Nov 2021. They also had a hands-on experience during the session under the guidance of our trainers Ms Della Ng and Mr Sin Kok Wai. Did you know that the egg crate and crushed paper are good texture backgrounds for photographs? Time to get creative!

Let’s hear what our Style-Shoot-Sell workshop participant have to say about her experience.

“I enjoyed learning about how to shoot compositions and the different technical aspects to it. I have learnt how to style my product shots better, which is something I have to do often at work. I have also learnt about the different equipment that can be used and how to improvise if you do not have the equipment on hand, which will be helpful at work as we do not have all the equipment needed sometimes.” – Mabel Tan of Mighty Velo Pte Ltd


Ms Della Ng

Consultant with Givenchy, FJBenjamin, Triumph, Popular, Bata Regional, Manhattan Fish Market, Wildlife Reserves Group, Fuji Xerox, Orchard Central and more.

Based in Melbourne, Della is an experienced international trainer with more than 20 years of retail experience. Her passion for creativity, floristry and visual merchandising has been recognised as an invited speaker at seminars and invited judge at competitions. Being a transformational coach, she can cheerlead her participants and clients to scale greater heights with breakthroughs. A self-professed serial crafter, she sets aside time contributing back to the community with her creative skills.

She has facilitated classes from Singapore to Australia to being on a UN Mission to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. She was an invited speaker at Shanghai for the Asian Fashion Federation Conference, as well as a workshop presenter at the Asian Fashion Exchange and has been a guest speaker at the Republic Polytechnic, a keynote speaker for the HDB Retail Seminar.

Mr Sin Kok Wai

Commercial photographer shooting products for Nike, HP, Sony, BP De Silva, World of Watches, a few ad agencies, cookbook, magazines and many more.

Photography is not merely snapping and producing pictures. Kok Wai creates the images for every client to connect with the audience. His determination to produce that “perfect picture” has given him opportunities to work with CEOs, celebrities, famous homes, luxury watches to architectural structures of various buildings. With more than 15 years of commercial photography experience under his belt, he is always on the look-out for fresh new perspectives and ideas.

His Graphic Design degree from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (University of Central England) and honed skills in website design have served him well. These allow him to engage with clients with knowledge of executing a photography campaign to creating an image that wows the audience. His deep passion for photography has also spurred him to share his experience with kids and youths in schools, guiding them to develop their talents in photography.

He has trained students from 20 MOE schools, entrepreneurs, marketers, and even staff from Singapore Prison Service.

Complimentary Job Redesign Workshop for SRA GRT Employers

The Job Redesign Framework for Retail aims to help retailers build a future-ready and productive workforce in the growing digital economy. 

This half-day workshop provides participants with a high lead overview of job redesign methodology and process, giving them a deeper understanding of what Job Redesign is, and the investment required to reap its benefits. Participants will also be equipped with a job Redesign template to help them kick-start job redesign at the workplace.

Half-Day Job Redesign Physical Workshop and Half-Day Clinic Session*

Next intake: Dates to be confirmed

* Participants must attend both the workshop and clinic session.

* Only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to participate in the workshop and clinic session. SRA may refuse entry to anyone who does not fulfil the vaccination requirements.

* This workshop may be conducted online subject to Covid-19 guidelines. SRA reserves the right make changes to the programmes without prior notice.


Singapore Retailers Association

1 Coleman Street, #05-17 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

Workshop Fees

Complimentary for our GRT employers!*
Non-SRA member: $267.50 per pax (including 7% GST)
*Only applicable for GRT employer companies who have not attended any Complimentary training workshops offered by SRA in 2021/2022. Limited to 2 participants per GRT employer company. Priority will be given to SRA members.

Complete the Job Redesign Workshop registration form to sign up now. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the trends impacting the retail sector and the importance of redesign as a means of ensuring long-term competitiveness and sustainability
  2. Appreciate the difference between being ‘productive’ and ‘efficient’
  3. Understand the benefits of job redesign
  4. Understand how to apply the Job Redesign Framework (diagnose, redesign, implement)
  5. Know the three levels of redesign and the four models of redesign
  6. Know the eight types of activities that can be applied to redesign
  7. Articulate a business case for redesign

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Managers and Senior Managers from all job functions who are empowered to implement changes to work processes, or who are tasked to enhance organisation productivity and business outcomes.


A blended approach incorporating games, individual and small group activities, case studies, scenarios and ‘war stories’ from successful job redesign projects across multiple industry sectors, peer learning and practical sessions.


Mr Leonard Ling, Principal Consultant, Coherence Pte Ltd

Leonard has over 20 years of experience in People Strategy and Organisation Development in both consulting and corporate environments. His key consulting experiences include process design, job, design, and instructional design. His most recent projects have focused on helping companies be more efficient and productive through the articulation and alignment of business and operational strategy, and through critical reviews of operational processes. Leonard has also been active in helping organisations in the public and private sector manage talent better through improved job design, improved man-machine interfaces, and competency development.

Prior to taking up his current role, Leonard spent several years with the Singapore public service where he played a key role in helping growth industries and individual companies address their short-term manpower and human capital challenges. At a more strategic level, he developed and executed medium- and long-term strategic manpower planning for companies in the healthcare, aerospace, chemicals, process, logistics, marine, pharmaceuticals, transport, and food manufacturing industries to ensure a steady pipeline of talents at the national level for each of these industries.

In addition to consulting and national-level manpower strategy development, Leonard also spent several years as the Global Head of Human Resources for a London-based International Company where he directed the HRD and HRM functions for employees in 11 cities across the globe.

Leonard continues to work with the Singapore public and private sector on industry transformation projects, with special emphasis on raising workforce productivity, leveraging technology, and designing jobs suited for the current and future generation of workers.

Strategic Digital Marketing for the Retail Sector


The Strategic Digital Marketing Workshop for the Retail Sector was held at the SRA premises from 14 to 16 March 2022.
Specially curated to provide a strategic understanding of how digital marketing could enhance your brand and lead to direct sales, our experienced trainer, Ms Sandra Tan, took a deep dive into the different platforms, strategies and marketing tools, and also explored the role of entertainment via videos and live streaming in the 2.5-day workshop.
Our participants learnt effective strategies to produce successful marketing campaigns, useful case studies on data analytics and even made videos on Tik Tok and Instagram Reels during the session.





















This 2.5-day course is specially curated to provide a strategic understanding of how digital marketing could enhance your brand and lead to direct sales. Our experienced trainer, Ms Sandra Tan, would be taking a deep dive into the different platforms, strategies and marketing tools, and also explore the role of entertainment via videos and live streaming. During the workshop, you will get to develop your digital marketing strategies and implement them strategically into your business.

Upcoming intakes: TBC


Singapore Retailers Association

1 Coleman Street, #05-17 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

* Only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to participate in the workshop. SRA may refuse entry to anyone who does not fulfil the vaccination requirements.

* This workshop may be conducted online subject to Covid-19 guidelines. SRA reserves the to make changes to the programmes without prior notice.

Workshop Fees

Complimentary for our GRT employers!**

Non-GRT Employer: $400 per pax (2 to go) / $480 per pax (Excluding 7% GST)

Non-SRA Member: $750 per pax (Excluding 7% GST)

**Only applicable for GRT employer companies who have not attended any Complimentary training workshops offered by SRA in 2021/2022. Limited to 2 participants per GRT employer company. Priority will be given to SRA members.

Complete the Strategic Digital Marketing Workshop registration form to sign up now!


  • Development of Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Practical Session on Video Creation and/or Live Streaming Session

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing landscape
  • Learn how to develop a strategic digital marketing campaign
  • Understand how to turn likes into leads, and convert leads into sales
  • Create stories for better engagement
  • Deliver netizen-style videos or live streaming videos for audience
  • Learn the basics of video editing
  • Develop tools for measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign

What Will You Learn

  • Digital marketing landscape
  • Your customer avatars
  • Business success model
  • Content creation for social media
  • Production of video / live-streaming  
  • SEO and SEM
  • Campaign development


Ms Sandra Tan, Founder and Director of Esteem Communications and Training Consultancy

Sandra has more than 30 years’ experience in retail, corporate and academia work at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and Singapore Management University (SMU). Sandra’s clients cut across luxury retail, real estate, hospitality, leisure parks and charities.

Sandra is an emerging voice in LinkedIn on hospitality, tourism, retail and entrepreneurship, and a much sought-after speaker on digital marketing trends and branding in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and was most recently in the Philippines for the Leaping Forward: Philippines 4.0 Conference

Develop Your Brand Identity

This programme is designed to enable participants to manage in-house or work with branding agencies to plan, develop and execute branding campaigns or programmes with an emphasis on digital platforms.

It focuses on how brands can build a strong and unique identity on both digital and offline platforms. Participants will learn how to research and analyse data to inform brand positioning, brand communication and brand development.

This course is offered in partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Film & Media Studies.

Learning Outcomes 

Participants will hone the following skills and competencies:

  • Understand how branding can drive top-of-mind awareness in a digitally-driven economy.
  • Learn basic analytical skills to interpret and extrapolate digital trends and customer insights to develop a brand for competitive advantage.
  • Effectively position and differentiate your brand against key competitors.
  • Adopt a digital-focused strategy when communicating to target markets.
  • Prepare a brand playbook.

Upcoming intake: TBC (2 days online training and 3 consultation sessions)

Time: 9am-6pm; consultation slots will be advised upon course commencement

Mode of Delivery: Synchronous E-Learning (Online training via ZOOM)

Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule / cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.

Complete the Interest Form here.

Course Fees












Key Takeaways

– Brand Management

  • Introduction and changes to ecosystem
  • Brand vision and strategy
  • Digital toolkit

– Brand Audit (Importance and Purpose, Steps to audit your brand)

– Brand Positioning

– Consumer Insights (Consumer Experience In-store, Digital and After-sales, Tools and techniques)

– Develop a Brand Playbook

  • Introduction
  • Why it is essential
  • Steps to developing your own

– Case Study Review / Practical Exercises / Research

Post-Training Consultations

Three sessions (1-3 hours each) , Implementing brand playbook (Online synchronous)

Trainer’s Profile 

Ms Janet Koh, Associate Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Film and Media Studies

Currently running Mediacentric Group Pte Ltd with her partner, Janet Koh is an experienced marketing specialist with an interest in creating engaging campaigns and projects for clients across various vertical sectors. With over 17 years in the industry, Janet has helped clients explore out-of-the-box ideas to increase brand awareness and recall with the right activations, be it an event roadshow, guerrilla marketing stunt, sampling activation, mall campaign or others.

Janet is also an experienced educator, having been an Associate Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic since 2013. Teaching is her passion and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and journey with her trainees.


In-Class Online Quiz, in combination with at least one consultation session / Certificate of Participation will be awarded to participants who achieve at least 75% attendance.

Entry Requirements

Participants with or without any knowledge of branding are welcome to enroll for this programme.