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Note: Long-term Unemployed (LTU) is defined as being unemployed and actively seeking employment for six months or more.

Overview of 8 Job Functions Supported under CCP-RPA

Job roles may fall under 1 or more job functions for customisation based on company’s needs

Job Function Description
E-commerce To grow the business by improving the customer experience, executing customer order fulfilment and maintaining the digital platform; Conduct data analysis to generate data-driven market insights
Branding To implement plans and initiatives relating to the brand, customer experience and loyalty to drive the company’s brand equity; Conduct market research activities to forecast emerging market needs
Marketing To support the development and execution of the offline, online and social marketing plans; Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing communication plans and generate data-driven commercial insights
Retail Ops To support activities for the smooth functioning of the store, i.e. staff management, supply chain, store layout, cash operations, physical inventory, master data management, sales, service and order fulfilment
Merchandising To implement merchandising plans and product category strategies as well as managing partner relationships; Contribute to the development and sourcing of products in accordance to allocated budgets.
Data & AI To procure, prepare, cleanse and model data using machine learning models and analytical methods; Design and create data reports to help stakeholders make better decisions
Sustainability To develop corporate sustainability strategies to ensure that business practices, products and services are environmentally friendly and compliant with government regulations; Implement processes and technologies that reduce the company’s carbon footprint
Franchising To work with franchisees to ensure stores are running smoothly and meeting all standards set by the parent company; To recruit new franchisees, helping them develop a business plan and providing other support where necessary

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Your Company may provide the following documents for our preliminary review:

  1. ACRA document (dated no earlier than 6 months from date of Application). If there are corporate shareholders, please provide the information for the corporate parents as well.
  2. Copy of NRIC or Singpass authenticated information of the New Hire/Existing Employee.
  3. CV of New Hire (dated no earlier than 3 months of CCP-RPA application).
  4. Job Description for New Hire / Current and New Job Description for Existing Employee (whichever applicable).
  5. Business Transformation Plan (for JRR applications).
  6. Before and After Job Template (for JRR applications) (Click here to download).

You may also download the Whitelisted Job Roles, CCP Employer Guide and FAQs for reference.