Community Chest Change For Charity

Community Chest has launched the Change For Charity initiative to encourage Singaporeans to give through spontaneous acts. In this initiative, Community Chest will partner businesses to weave a giving mechanism into their business models. By doing so, we provide opportunities for individuals to give through our partners’ payment platforms. The Change for Charity Grant will also encourage businesses to match donations from their customers, as part of their corporate giving. By increasing opportunities for consumption-based giving at various touch points, we can build generosity where donating becomes a social norm, infused in all aspects of living.

100% of funds raised through this initiative will go towards supporting over 100 social service agencies and 200 critical programmes across five causes: children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, persons with mental health conditions, and seniors and families in need of support.

Singapore Retailers Association supports the Change For Charity initiative and encourages our retailers to adopt this giving mechanism into your businesses.


For more information on this initiative, you may view the information kit here or contact Ms Lynn Tan at