SRIC.E 2024 is postponed to March 2024 next year!

The 30th edition of SRA Retail Industry Conference and Exhibition (also known as SRIC.E 2024) is an annual conference and exhibition organised by Singapore Retailers Association and supported by various key organisations.

The conference will be hosted in March 2024 and the theme is Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate. It is the retail conference where C-suites, key decision makers and over 400 retail professionals attend each year to obtain valuable insights, innovation trends and solutions, understand the best practices and foster meaningful relationships within the retail community.

In addition to gaining valuable retail insights and innovation, other initiatives such as Job Matching Services and Consultancy Clinics would be introduced at the conference that will help to reinforce the workforce transformation.

Through these initiatives, we will celebrate the success of rejuvenating the retail workforce through redesigning both employee and retail experiences.

Programme Overview (Theatre Room)

8:30am     |   Registration

9:00am     |   Welcome Speech and Opening Address

9:30am     |   Keynote Address

10:00am   |  Connecting with the Next Generation Customers: Gen Zs and Millennials

10:30am   |    Panel Discussion: Connecting with the Next Generation Customers: Gen Zs and Millennials

11:00am    |    Panel Discussion: Beyond the Counter: Charting the Path for a Retail Frontline Career?

11:30am    |     Panel Discussion: How can Retailers Integrate AI Technologies for a Competitive Advantage?

12:00pm   |    Lunch Break

1:30pm      |    Panel Discussion: How Can We Foster the Culture of Collaboration in Retailers?

2:00pm      |    Panel Discussion: Empowering Employees: Strategies to Resist Retail Hypnosis

2:30pm      |    Panel Discussion: The Human Touch: Exploring the Impact of Service Excellence

3:00pm      |    Tea Break

3:30pm      |  Panel Discussion: Balancing Priorities: Sustainability vs Profitability

4:00pm      |  Panel Discussion: Managing Your Business in Marketplaces: Revenue models and pricing structures?

4:30pm      |  Panel Discussion: Tapping into the International Market Opportunities: A Path to Business Growth

5:00pm      |   End

More details to be updated here shortly.

SRIC.E 2022 Highlights