Technology has changed the landscape of modern retail. It has been proven that without a retail online commerce, you will lose your competitiveness. We understand that for some businesses, embarking on online retail (eMarketplace or developing your own eCommerce sites) may still be in the pipeline due to cost, manpower and time constraints.

Fret not! Sign up as our GoSpree Merchant and reach out to over 80,000 GoSpree shoppers to generate traffic and sales in your stores – physical and online! GoSpree brings retail and service stores, shopping malls, dining outlets, attractions, leisure activities and hotels located island-wide all ’under one site’. As an agnostic unified marketing platform, you can :

  • Have your own BRAND PAGE and post your brand story
  • Post unlimited number of promotional offerings be it discounts, free gifts, free trials by way of an eCoupon for in-store (or online redemption)
  • Direct shoppers to the marketplace platforms you are trading on
  • Publicise your promotional QR code in-store to heighten awareness of the various promotions available to drive sales
  • Have visibility of how your promotions fared – eCoupons download and redeemed
  • Find out more on GoSpree here

Past Events on GoSpree

eGSS: Shop. Win. Experience (2020)

GoSpree hosted a series of livestreams from the 9 September 2020 to 10 October 2020 on GospreeSG’s Facebook for shoppers to enjoy and grab some of the 2000 deals to be offered on GoSpree.

SFIC’s ‘The Furniture Centrum’, its first immersive virtual furniture showrooms, attracted more than 18,000 page views from visitors looking for the best value-for-money offerings from 29 homegrown furniture designers and retailers. About one-in-three visitors were returning visitors looking for great deals and promotions by participating brands that shoppers can find while in the virtual shop, on this platform, an industry first.

TaFF, also in a first, unveiled its Digital Lookbook, which attracted 5,000 visitors after having created its engaging look-book content highlighting fashion and other lifestyle products, services and experiences and allowing shoppers to purchase them easily on one single e-commerce platform OneOrchard.Store.

The Great Singapore Sale (2021)

To promote a hybrid approach – Online and Offline, on top of partnering with Lazada, our Official eCommerce Partner for GSS 2021 to promote the ecommerce sales in the retail industry, SRA have also utilised GoSpree to promote the in store promotional offers offered by retailers from the 6 June 2021 to 7 July 2021 through campaigns and giveaways to drive traffic to the retailer’s physical stores.

Great Singapore Sale 2021 offers a seamless retail experience for shoppers through omnichannel retailing where shoppers can not only shop in physical outlets but also at the comfort of their home.