We Understand Retail Better

The retail landscape is fast evolving – technological advances, consumers expectations and preferences, the retail eco-system which impact business operations and growth. It is essential that business owners and leaders as well as employees stay ahead of the curve and be well equipped with the latest knowledge and skillsets to face and overcome the challenges of the future economy. SRA sees the opportunity to contribute to continuing education in the retail sector by offering a host of training programmes for working retail professionals to learn new competencies for that competitive edge whether for business or personal growth.

Over the years, SRA has trained over 100,000 retail employees. We know that your people are your most important assets and they deserve the best , including training. Our trainers are carefully selected and possess the relevant retail experience, expertise and have the exceptional ability to connect with retail workers  by engaging both the heart and the mind. We embrace an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented approach to professional training, combining academic depth, real world business and management and cognisant of the ever evolving socio-political and economic contexts within the retail sector and across related industries.

SRA Retail Academy

SRA is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and its training programmes are designed to help SRA members and the wider business community as well as its retail workforce develop the necessary core capabilities to help develop future ready talents and drive business growth and transformation amidst an ever evolving retail landscape.

SRA will leverage professional practitioners, certified trainers, academicians and successful Retail Business Mentors to help companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training programmes and services tailored to upgrading capabilities and up-skilling the retail workforce.

Check out the list of training programmes and initiatives offered by SRA!

Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) retail PWM certified courses – ONLINE and IN-PERSON

Customer Service with P.A.C.E. Workshop

Specialised Digital Marketing and Human Resource Workshops

Career Conversion Programme for the Retail Industry (CCP-RI)

Global Ready Talent (GRT) Internship Programme 

Excellent Service Award (EXSA) for the Retail Sector 

For enquiries or customised training, please contact Michele Ng at michele.ng@sra.org.sg / 9186 7938