SGSecure Guide for Retail and F&B Businesses

Specifically designed for retail and F&B businesses, the SGSecure@Workplaces Retail and F&B Guide provides more industry-specific guidelines and deepens preparedness against terrorism. It also aims to equip businesses with preparatory measures to stay vigilant against terrorism.


What is SGSecure@Workplaces?

Today, terrorism poses a real threat to our way of life. Crowded public spaces like malls which hold many retail businesses, have been targets of terrorism.  An attack may cause:

  • Loss of lives amongst employees and customers
  • Disruptions to your supply chains
  • Destruction of your physical stores
  • Damage to your brand’s image and reputation
  • Falling profits as customers avoid public places


SGSecure@Workplaces aims to strengthen businesses to withstand terror attacks and other situations that may adversely affect the harmonious working relationships at workplaces. Whether you are a company owner, shop manager, employee and/or building manager, you play an important role to prepare your workplace in the event of crises.

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Kick-Start your effort against terrorism now!

The impact of a terror attack on Singapore would affect multiple businesses at once. Well-prepared retailers would minimise the impact of an attack and speed the return to normalcy. Preparing against terror threat can start with registering a SGSecure representative for your business. Your representative will receive the latest updates and training to prepare you and your business against the threat of terrorism.

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