Dear Retailers and Industry Professionals,

The wait is over! We are thrilled to announce that nominations are now open for the SRA Retail Awards 2023. Launched in 2000, the SRA Retail Awards promote and celebrate innovation, creativity and excellence in the retail industry.

The SRA Retail Awards is a prestigious platform that celebrates excellence across various categories within the retail sector. We invite you to be part of this exceptional event by nominating retailers who have set new standards, demonstrated innovation, and delivered extraordinary customer experiences. Your nomination plays a vital role in acknowledging and showcasing the best that the retail industry has to offer.

Why should you participate?

• Embrace Excellence: The SRA Retail Awards is the pinnacle of retail recognition. By participating, you contribute to acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of deserving retailers.

• Industry Prestige: Stand out in the retail community by showcasing your support for excellence. Participating in the SRA Retail Awards positions your brand as a trailblazer in the industry.

• Networking Opportunities: Join an elite network of retail professionals, industry leaders and visionaries. The SRA Retail Awards gala ceremony provides an exclusive setting to connect, share ideas, and forge valuable relationships with key players in the retail world.

• Inspire Future Generations: Your participation can inspire aspiring retailers to dream big and achieve greatness. By highlighting exceptional retailers, you contribute to the growth and evolution of the retail industry as a whole.

Submit your entries by 31 August 2023 to seize this opportunity to showcase your achievements and be recognised as a leading player in the retail industry and gain the recognition you deserve.

Join us in celebrating excellence, innovation, and success in the retail sector by participating in the SRA Retail Awards. We look forward to receiving your entries and marking this year as a milestone in your retail journey.

Click for the SRA Retail Awards 2023 Information Pack & Nomination Forms!

For any enquiries, please contact Anwar @ for more information.