[MOH Update – 14 Dec 21] Extending Subsidies for Mandated Rostered Routine Testing (RRT)

December 27, 2021

With reference to Para 20 on MOH’s latest announcements dated 14 Dec 2021, please note that :-

• the mandatory weekly FET-RRT routine is extended till 31 Mar 2022

• the Government will provide continued support to employers by extending the subsidies for sectors on mandatory RRT until 31 March 2022. Beyond that, employers and businesses should be prepared to factor in testing costs as part of their normal business operations.

• mandatory FET RRT is extended tentatively till 31 Mar 22 and will be FOC for those sectors mandated.

• These ART Test Kits will be distributed through malls for retailers locates in malls as per last exercise. ESG is working out the details.


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