LEARN MORE@GRT: Complimentary Service Excellence Workshop for Students from IHLs

21 students from ITE College Central, ITE College West and National Technological University attended the complimentary Service Excellence Workshop organised by SRA on 6 May 2022 to enhance their customer service skills and prepare themselves for internship/career in retail.

They gained better understanding of the trends in retail sector and learnt the importance of a service excellence mindset in creating a positive customer experience.

Since its launch on 1 October 2019, the SRA Global Ready Talent (GRT) programme has helped more than 1,100 students find local internship placements with companies in fashion apparel, jewellery, home & décor and more! You can also look forward to a competitive allowance – ITE and Polytechnic students: ≥ S$800/month; and University students: ≥ S$1,000/month.

Interested to join us at our upcoming complimentary workshop for students or sign up for retail internship? Register your interest today!