EXSA Webinar 2021

There is great importance in creating brands that customers can relate to – using brand building to enhance the customer experience. Tapping on its experience working with different SME retailers, Felix Mollinga, Studio Lead & Service Designer of Ideactio shared with companies onboard the EXSA 2021 programme the importance of setting strategy, improving service, and understanding one’s customers. He also shared case studies on how companies have successfully transformed their businesses to align their brand with their customers. In the process, this helped them reach out to new audiences and retain existing customers.

Through this webinar, participants gained a new appreciation for retail strategy, walking away with new insights and ways to kickstart and transform from a product-centric model to brand centric company. In doing so, customers can identify with the business they buy from, leaving with a smile and coming back again for more.

  • Setting The Retail Strategy

Companies learnt that a retail strategy is key to business success and how to “break down” strategy into components parts to get its brand from A to B, and shared several low-effort and high-impact ideas to implement strategy.

  • Implementing Service Improvement

Changing service on the ground requires deep empathy with customers and frontline service staff, in order to understand needs and challenges. Companies learnt from a case study how a service training programme was customised for a fashion brand, in order to shift service from product (selling shirts) to experience (selling confidence).

  • Understanding Customers

Each brand has different types of customers – profiles that have different product needs, but also different behaviours when it comes to their buying process and marketing exposure. With a case study of a customer research project for a furniture brand, attendees learnt how to create customer profiles, how different customer have different buying journeys, and how understanding customers better will result in an overhaul of marketing spend.

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