As the retail industry in Singapore adapt to the post COVID normal, it is apparent that technology and digitalisation is essential in retail transformation. eCommerce, digital marketing, digital payment, and optimization in traditional operations – powered by technology, data and analytics, has become the essential component for the continual sustainability of any good retail business.

However, as retail technology matures amid the accelerated digital adoption, more and more solutions become available to retailers in Singapore. Retailers may not always have the necessary manpower or skillsets to identify what is suitable for them and some may not even be aware of the innovation that they can utilize to solve daily problems.

The SRA Retail Brigade (SRB) is Singapore Retailers Association’s (SRA) effort to assist the retailers to combat this challenge in their journey of digitalisation.

Supported by the Executive in Residence of SRA, the SRB provides a complimentary business diagnostic for the client retailer in a series of interviews, analysis and research, to help the retailer identify key business gaps and digital maturity, followed by recommendations to solution providers, consultants or other support programmes that can most assist the retailer to move forward, both in it digitalisation effort, as well as any other business growth or enhancement initiatives.

The diagnostic will look at first and foremost the digital capabilities of the retailer, in the areas of eCommerce, digital presence, operations; as well as other business areas such as human capital and internationalization.

The SRB is supported by a panel of subject matter experts, invited from different areas of domain expertise, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, human resource, public policies, business excellence and international business. These panelists comes from an international makeup and will support the EIR with advise and knowledge to best assist him to provide holistic and effective diagnostic for the retailer client.

If your retail business is looking to digitalise and improve your business or believes that you can benefit from an extra pair of eyes to spot business opportunities, please complete this self-checklist and the SRB team will get in touch with you within 5 working days. The SRB has limited capacity to serve, and is on a first-come-first-serve basis and will give priority to SMEs with more urgent business needs.


SRA Executive in Residence

Stephen Sing

Co-founder and Marketing Director of Odex Pte Ltd, Stephen has over 15 years of experience in retail operations, licensing, merchandising, and marketing in the Asian markets. He managed retail operations, licensing, sales, and marketing in the Asia Pacific, with time spent in China, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The diversity of the company’s business also had him at one time, managing an Ostrich farm, and running a voice-overs studio. These times had given him a diverse look at different business disciplines and a good grasp of business logic.

Stephen entered the public sector in 2010 and first become a lecturer in the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), concurrently serving as the centre manager of the SME Infocomm Resource Centre (SIRC), before joining the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as the sectoral transformer for the retail and tourism sectors, where his role focuses on the technological advancement and digitalisation of the SMEs in the retail and lifestyle sectors.

Since then, Stephen has been working with consultants, vendors, trade associations, and educational institutes to further the digitalisation and business excellence of the SMEs in Singapore.

For enquiries, contact Stephen Sing at
or HP: +65 9685 7236